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    How it works

    We know that finding a tradesperson can be a daunting task. With INeedATrader, it’s easy to find a quality tradesperson for any job.

    1. Post your project

    Tell us about the job that needs doing and how soon you need it done.

    2. Get free quotes

    Once your project is posted, you’ll receive notice from tradespeople who are interested in the job.

    3. Choose a tradesperson

    Select the tradesperson who’s right for your job and don’t forget to leave a helpful review at the end.

    Ready to hire a tradesperson?

    Enter the service you’re looking for and your location, then click ‘search’.

    Purchase a contract for your job

    Whether you're building an extension, or you're hiring someone to tile the bathroom, an independent agreement ensures both that parties are protected. Set out the terms of your project with our comprehensive trade agreements.

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    Project management services

    Carrying out a complex project increases the potential of scope creep, schedule delays and overrunning costs. Hiring a project manager can ensure that all areas of your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Tell us about your project and we’ll appoint one of our skilled project managesr to coordinate your project.

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