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    How it works for tradespeople

    If you’re a skilled tradesperson, there are plenty of jobs waiting for you. On INeedATrader, you choose the job that you want and the area you want to work. There are no joining fees or membership fees! Here’s how it works:

    1. Set up your account

    Select your trade and the location you cover –then fill out your short profile.

    2. Get hired

    Bid on the job lead that you want then contact the customer with a quote..

    3. Get paid

    Once you’ve successfully completed the job, you’ll get paid and get rated by the customer. It’s that simple.

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    Purchase a contract for your job

    Whether you're building an extension, or you're hiring someone to tile the bathroom, an independent agreement ensures both that parties are protected. Set out the terms of your project with our comprehensive trade agreements.

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    Project management services

    Carrying out a complex project increases the potential of scope creep, schedule delays and overrunning costs. Hiring a project manager can ensure that all areas of your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Tell us about your project and we’ll appoint one of our skilled project managesr to coordinate your project.

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